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Exploring what climate change and energy transition mean for lawyers

April 18, 2024 8.45AM–5.00PM

About the conference


Elevate your expertise, stay ahead of the curve, and position yourself as a legal trailblazer in the era of climate conscious legal practice.

Paris-alignment, scope 3 emissions, physical and transition risks, and the plethora of acronyms related to the EU Green Deal – what does it all mean for the day-to-day practice of law? How do lawyers adapt to the changing legislative landscape and shifting market preferences? All lawyers play a role in the climate transition, whether working in government, in-house, at firms or in the court system. No lawyer will remain unaffected by climate change and the transition.

This one-day event will delve deep into the dynamic intersection of law and climate change, and explore how lawyers can best serve clients and other stakeholders in the ongoing transition. It is a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive 360-degree analysis of the role of lawyers in the current global transformation.

Who should attend?


  • Lawyers working at law firms, in-house legal departments, or for government agencies who want to learn how to include the climate change perspective in their daily work.


  • Sustainability managers and advisors, ESG analysts, and other strategists or consultants who want to learn more about climate law and the legal aspects of the climate transition.

Meet the speakers


Meet th Speakers
Who should attend?
About hte conference


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